It’s raining jobs at IIMA

Trickles of placement information from IIMA about PGPX placements are catching every one’s attention. I have received numerous calls since morning from friends and well-wishers, either wanting to understand the full story behind placements and some inside information. This is after some media reports claiming a PGPX student getting a US$ 300K job offer. I wish I had the inside information.

PGPX follows rolling placements and hence it would be juvenile to expect full blooded stats on placements before the roll stops. I am not expecting answers to queries about placements that we have and slicing and dicing of information before we go to AHD. There is a view point within some of us in our class that IIMA should publish (once the placements are over) data on placements with median, jobs classified on Finance/Consult/Industry type, geo based classification etc just as foreign B schools (INSEAD / IMD / LBS) do. Because averages and highest salary figures do not tell the full story!







4 Replies to “It’s raining jobs at IIMA”

  1. Having posted the “hottest story”, I can see Raju will be in great demand. All the best to the “insider”!! Keep it up.



  2. Raju,
    This is one ‘time’ where I am not going to sing – “Rain, Rain go away.” I say, it better keep raining CATS and DOGS for a while now at IIMA.
    Our ‘Harvest’ could do well with this rain. 🙂


  3. Yeah you got a point there Tej.

    Well, assuming I have the same 24 hours I have been having for 33 years now, I could have easily believed that I was cut for the role you mentioned. But forecast for my 24 hours during next FY doesnt seem too rosy ! So, will have to wait to see who will be our scoop reporter.


  4. hi Raju

    Read the viewpoint there and i believe it could be a bit early for conclusion as major part of ultimate month is yet to reveal itself.

    And congrats, for “our” blog. You’re gonna be the vanguard for these “inside stories” here!

    ~ tejbir

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