Life at IIMA

Looking forward to a year of, sleep deprivation and surprise quizzes.
Fuccha, Tuccha, Muggo, MANAC, dbabble, CP, RG, arbit, global
- words that will become a part of our vocabulary, for life.

and finally the dunking sessions… (especially in May when the mercury touches 45 °C.)

-- Uma


3 Replies to “Life at IIMA”

  1. arre tez

    I am no veteran blog writer like you with multiple domains 🙂
    All i have to my credit is 2 defunct blogs over the last 3 yrs
    with a total of some five posts!

    The inclusion of the video was done by yogi
    So i just added the 2 lines
    (BTW, those 2 lines are totally original and
    i remember reading somewhere that “Brevity is the soul of wit” :-))

    When veterans run of steam, I will do stop gap stuff 🙂


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