PGPX Pre-admission Meet – The Making Of…

This is the story of the first collaborative venture by PGPX-IIians. A simple excursion, yet showcasing the democratic and collaborative spirit developed in our batch even before we have joined IIMA. A beginning which I believe has given us a head start – to enable us to hit the ground running. 

“Hey!” “what is it about?” I hear you asking. “who or what is this beast Pre-admit Meet?” . Well, I will reveal all. But let me begin at the beginning……. 

Time, Stilllife, Cryonerve, Neta, Caesaryogi, Chibbber1.….yes, many of us were happily interacting on PaGaLGuY forum about our MBA aspirations. Flush with the news of our selection in PGPX, we felt like throwing away our masks in a closed group. Thus was born pgpx08 group on yahoo groups where ideas started flowing freely and profusely. The desire for face to face interaction was a natural corollary. Being spread geographically, we came round to the view that a pre-start meet should be held in Ahmedabad with the additional benefits of meeting the senior batch and IIMA faculty. Of course, getting first hand info on all-important placement scene was a further attraction.  

As the advantages of such a meet in Ahmedabad started becoming obvious, we thought to give a name to this project, which would be the first one by the motley crowd of PGPX-II. In true democratic tradition, names were proposed and fancier titles such as Nexus – the next connection, and BoardRaider – the new breed were passed over in favor of down to earth “PGPX Pre- Admission Meet”

Spurred by the ideas of Sonam (who will be missed, now that he is going to Harvard), the insomniac amidst us, about this time we also started discussing the need of having functional groups for design of placement brochure, collecting profile data and coordinating. As people signed up for various groups, I volunteered for “coordination group” (thought it sounded nice) and ended up alone! Which meant that I was the fall guy for organizing PGPX Pre-admission Meet …….. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   …to be continued…

Rakesh Mittal


6 Replies to “PGPX Pre-admission Meet – The Making Of…”

  1. Exclusion of “rakeshWISE” from the list was deliberate! The label, in any case, is not suitable in the rarefied community of PGPX – populated by WISER people. Ahem!



  2. Great teaser, Rakesh.
    Looks like you are going to make Biztrek a Mega serial. 🙂 Can’t wait to read the next one. Also glad that you are focussing on the thinking and the action behind it, rather than jumping to the results. Because the results may be ephemeral but the spirit will be timeless. 🙂

  3. Hey Rakesh
    Your being left wasn’t enough deterence
    and role played by you and the co-ordination group
    is highly commendable!

    ~ tejbir

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