Musings on cash flows!

The PGPX 2nd batch would converge on campus this month-end, leaving behind cushy jobs to join the ranks of unemployed in this country. But none of us would be looking forward to the Employment Guarantee Scheme of the UPA 🙂, as all of us carry dreams and aspirations, with varying degrees of clarity and tons of hope.

I, for one became berozgaar at the start of this month and though the clarity of what I would like to do is presumably there, I have braced myself for any change that my thoughts might undergo while under the tutelage of some of the world’s finest teachers and researchers.

Along with such anticipation, I bring with me a fear that I might have to be miserly with my indulgent self. Luxuries like a movie a week (don’t know what it costs for a movie in AHD), regular supply of Nestle Dairy Whitener, long unnecessary talks on phone with friends spread across the globe etc. will have to be restricted or replaced with cheaper alternatives, given the fact that, there won’t be a regular assured supply of positive cash flows.

It does, at times, give a feeling of being back in undergrad college, but with one significant difference – the funding is by a bank instead of dad. The best part is that I don’t have to answer a barrage of questions, every time I run out of pocket money before the 30th! Now, I just need to write a cheque – talk of evolution!

The bank has assumed a very lovable father figure, but this will cease to be the case once the repayment starts and my account gets depleted with a 5-digit figure every month.

The cycle of life goes on!



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