Pre-IIMA PGPX checklist

There are many things to tie up before joining the PGPX at IIM, Ahmedabad. I have listed below a few, from my experience:

  1. Make up your mind early: It is always better to plan your B-school admissions well in advance especially if you are married and with children . Apply in R1 for all target schools and may be in R2 for safety schools. In case of IIMA PGPX, the admissions were announced end October and my decision to join was made by end November looking at admission situation with other schools. That left me with more than four months to plan and organise my move to Ahmedabad. For middle level execs like me, it is always a good decision to inform the employer well in advance since replacements / alternate arrangements take time ( at least 3-4 months).

  2. Actively Network: I can vouch from personal experience that, the earlier you get to know your batch-mates the better it is. Internet & telephony make it truly a global village, hence no sweat about geographical isolation and distances. Just get there and ‘meet’ your class mates and exchange/share view points. These exchanges serve as excellent ice-breakers and also save valuable on-campus time. Also the power of collective thought & action is sometimes beyond our imagination.

  3. Pre-term stuff: IIMA sends some prep material to familiarise us with some broad concepts in certain subjects. Conventional wisdom tells that it is better to do some work on fin/stats courses if you have no prior exposure in that area. Thus, if you can manage 30-45 days of leave/ off before joining the programme, it would be a world of help. Because I dare say for many working professionals to manage work and pre-term may not be so easy !

  4. Loans: The earlier you start working on it, the better it is. As far as IIMA PGPX is concerned there are banks like BOI & SBT who give good deals. I know some of my batch-mates getting equally good if not better deals from banks like Andhra Bank. There are typically two kinds of loan requirements – Educational & personal. The former covers tuition fee and the latter living & other expenses. The interest rates could be different for each of these loans. And the need for guarantors would arise if the loan amount crosses a fixed threshold. I am told, last year BOI has put up a stall during registrations to dish out hassle-free loans.

  5. Schooling: If you have school-going kids it would be better to get in touch with schools in Ahmedabad around Nov/ Dec itself. Choice of school usually depends on a)Age of the child b)Preferred board c) Limitations if any, on distance from IIMA d)Fee affordability. I secured my 3.5 year old’s admission in Eurokids during January. We have paid some part of the annual fee at that time.

  6. Relocation: If you plan to relocate, it would make sense to talk to packers & movers at least a month before you need them. This gives enough time to get quotes and negotiate.

  7. Secure current loans/ EMIs: Take a realistic assessment of all your monthly outflows for the next year. How much can you pay? Check if you can negotiate any moratoriums for 1-2 years on existing loans. Repay some loans from current savings if it makes economic sense.

Friends, do leave your comments so that we can come up with a comprehensive communication module that can be transferred to future IIMA PGPXians.



One Reply to “Pre-IIMA PGPX checklist”

  1. Hi.
    Insightful post indeed!
    Suman here (potential PGPXian).
    Have a visit planned for 6th of july.
    Would like to meet up with you and your team to understand the programme better.
    Possible to meet up post lunch for a chat please ?

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