PGPX Pre-admission Meet – The Culmination Of

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…To pick up the thread, I remember Darsha, Tejbir, Kannan, Anuj and Rohit as the earliest arrivals at IIMA. As the forenoon progressed, more appeared on the scene, including a Jackie Shroff-look alike who introduced himself as Vaibhav!

Thanks to circulating the questions in advance, everyone had a fair idea of what we were seeking to achieve. The discussion warmed up in no time and we soon transformed from strangers to fellows-in-arms. We dispersed for lunch, most of us opting for the PGP canteen where we could watch the India-West Indies one-dayer.

Come 2 p.m. and we assembled in CR-11, which would be “our” classroom for the next one year. We went around, examining every feature, including the plug points in every row, with fondness. Sanjay and Vaibhav started clicking pictures to preserve the memories. A hushed silence ensued as our seniors appeared. They had thoughtfully formed 3-4 different panels to address the plethora of queries we had passed on to them.

I will not go into the details of their briefing, which have already been minuted by Tejbir and Amit so diligently and circulated. Suffice to say, our seniors were very open about most of the things, albeit understandably cautious in discussing the details of ongoing placements.

Before we knew it was evening! Some of us went off to see the married accommodation while some wandered off towards the inevitable chaiwallah in front of the PGPX block. Sipping tea and eating hot pakodas we asked the owner till when he remained open. “4-5 in the morning” was his reply! A sure fire indication of the schedule in store for us.

The PGPX office had organized dinner outside the PGPX lounge. Prof Raghuram arrived early and was surrounded by all of us with questions. Listening to his articulation of genesis of PGPX and its goals, we felt proud to be part of this institution. Prof Arvind Sahay and key guys from PGPX-I joined us for dinner. An extended session with Prof Raghuram continued post dinner.

We reassembled at the PGPX lounge at 9 am the next morning, for an exclusive interaction with Prof Sahay, followed by a chance to sit in the two live classroom sessions of PGPX-I. I gave the latter a miss since I had a flight to catch. On reaching the airport, guess whom I find there? Vaibhav and Raju! This made the plane ride to Delhi enjoyable. In a short span of day and a half, I had gained friends for a lifetime.

This ends the journey of PGPX Pre-Admission Meet. But the PGPX-II expedition is just beginning…

— Rakesh


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