Farewell Function – Behind the scenes

It was one month before we had to hit the roads of Ahmedabad. At that time, there was suggestion from Tejbir to give the seniors a farewell function. The suggestion was widely welcomed by all sections of our group and no questions asked on why we should not give one. There was Rakesh’s simple logic “Unless we give, we will not get” which sounded rational. But, not for getting ourselves a farewell, we genuinely felt that being the second batch, we had the responsibility of giving a fitting farewell to the Pioneer batch. The first thing we did was to fix the date. It was decided to be the eve of the convocation day (30th March), nothing auspicious, but the only one day available where both the batches will be present. But can we plan and execute it flawlessly as we were not in Ahmedabad and we ourselves did not know each other? There were more questions than firm answers. Luckily the group spirit and desire to accomplish prevailed…. First we planned for the dream farewell. We formed a team of volunteers with differing interests and strengths. The farewell group consisted of Amitabh, Anuj, Arun Pratap, Manav, Rita, Sumantra and myself. We planned to have the function in a big way where the seniors will enjoy and feel proud as well as we feel good. The ideas started trickling and we decided to have a memento, games, banners, posters etc. There was division of responsibilities once the plan was sketched. Banner, poster making and games selection was finalized with creative dose from many of us. It was good way to rake up the sleeping cells! For mementoes we settled for a beautiful Acrylic model of scale with pun wording ‘Scaling new heights’. There were some anxious moments to get permission to put the logo, but thanks to Prof. Raghuram, the permission was cleared. Our hearfelt thanks to Prof Raghuram for seeing reason and supporting us staunchly. So, with all the ideas in our minds, banners and posters printed and mementoes shipped, we arrived in Ahmedabad 4 days in advance of the function.  The first important thing was the hunt of the perfect venue. We thought the best way is to see for ourselves and we surveyed the place from different aspects (geometry, time of function, fun quotient, etc) and settled for the IMDC first floor expanse. This was a nice setting as it was wide open air with least bit of formality and maximum fun possibilities. You can run, chat, snore and do whatever you want in this place. This cleared the first hurdle and we now had a place with sound system and lighting arranged. Then, we learnt our negotiation skills to fix up the price of food. What was quoted was brought down to less than half with some more additional food added to the original menu. Now, we know why the food business is so lucrative. We now have to tie up all the final threads, the games had to be scripted, items for the games needed to be purchased etc. Till the D-day evening, we had to run around to buy the things which were planned to bought from here and we were almost there hours before the function is going to start … — Kannan


One Reply to “Farewell Function – Behind the scenes”

  1. Hey Kannan! You did a great job! I witnessed the planning part of it and I am sure with your commitment and attention to detail the farewell must have rocked! Good show and a tough example for PGPX III to follow!

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