Hit by Train Grand Vitesse

First month at PGPX is coming to an end and the whole month I have had the feeling of being atop a Train Grand Vitesse. The course had moved at such a frenetic pace that it was just not possible to see what was going on in the outside world. If you take a day off from going through the reading material, just like a TGV the contents of the day will whiz past by the time you try to come back to your senses.

One of the professors very aptly summed it up – If you have not read for the class, you are probably never going to read the contents during your stay at IIMA.

But the good part was that most of us were able to keep up with the material, kudos to hardworking groups, group study and some intelligent division of labor. Some people were able to find time on weekends even for movies and sports.

Just as we thought we were getting adjusted to the pace of the program the last week has made me feel like I was hit by a TGV. The whole week was full of surprise quizzes. With eight subjects in progress simultaneously, by the end of the week there was no surprise in that there would be a surprise quiz. It almost became a guessing game as to which subject the quiz was going to be on and woe to us if our guess went wrong 

To make the matters worse, the questions in the quiz seemed like Brett Lee bouncers on a WACA pitch. Still waiting for the results to see how many of us could connect with those bouncers sailing over our heads.

On the positive side, the month has been one of tremendous learning and it has been a highly productive one too, what with three PGPXians becoming proud fathers thus increasing the PGPX family count.

— Yogesh


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