PGPX goes club-ing..

It has been over a month at PGPX and right from the word go there has been a heightened sense of expectation and excitement with various activities happening at a feverish pace on every front, be it quizzes, group submissions, weekend movies, pani-puri sessions…   The highlight though is the starting of various clubs that have gone active with people typically aligning themselves according to areas of interest. Since IIMA PGPX is a one-year program there is a sense of urgency to do things in fast-forward mode. The clubs have quickly put down a structure and have already conducted knowledge sharing sessions by domain experts present within the group, exploring broader/deeper areas of interest within the clubs, generating wish-list for lectures and efforts towards to fulfilling that wish. The groups also work as a whole to bring in electives that are current and are of interest to the group. Leads are also shared for international immersion projects scheduled for November-December 2007.   Reflecting the diverse group that constitutes the PGPX class, clubs in the area of Finance, Strategy, Consulting, IT, Energy, Manufacturing & Entrepreneurship have drawn the most number of participants.  Friday or Saturday evenings are typically the meeting time for various clubs. This is also a good way for most of to unwind from the academic schedule, a time to network beyond the study groups that we have been assigned to for academic work. Since there is not much time to be up-to-date on the various happenings in the area of interest, clubs also ensure that there is a trading of latest information.  A faculty advisor guides each group and supports the students in arranging industry interactions. The alumni network is also tapped in by professors to bring in speakers or for one-to-one meetings based on the student’s level if interest.   There is a center for innovation and incubation which brings entrepreneurs, people with ideas and VCs together. Watch this space for more on the center and on Mr. Sunil Handa’s talks at the Entrepreneur club. – Uma


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