Mungeris meet Maverick @ Entrepreneurs Club

Reveries will turn into realities at the slightest of opportunity and the day is not far off!  It is a class full of ‘mungerilal’s … each and everyone is a dreamer in possession of plentiful desires (though some may name their ‘haseen sapne’s a ’strategy’) However, there are a few whose dreams are of a different type. And a MAVERICK who has ’been there, done that’ is ’lalchav’ing the mungeris to dive into the ocean of big-E  The devotion of the Maverick (read SH) is awesome! He puts in all possible efforts to weed out all doubts that can kill any dream. Here is a sample of some of the indigenous infectious statements from him 

·         Make yourself vulnerable … announce to the world that you are not going to take a job … give up all fall back support … the best in you will come out only then

·         What’s wrong in a ‘me-too’ idea … don’t wait for ‘the-most-beautiful-and-intelligent-girl-who-has-not-seen-face-of-any-man’ type of unique idea … because that will never come … it is not the idea … but the person behind the business execution who does things differently and makes it successful

·         It is your 4th, 5th or maybe 7th venture that will take you places … so no point in investing a lot of time and energy in your first plunge … just go out there and make it happen!

·         No matter what you do … you will regret it later … so why not fulfill your hidden dreams of having your own business

 ·         Business is like a ’spiritual journey’ … you will discover your ‘true self’ on the way …

·         Business is like ’samudra manthan’ … it will shower a lot many things in the process … but you should have the ‘dum’ to handle the ‘vish’ (poison) that might be the first outcome … if you hang on, ‘kamdhenu’ (wishful cow) and ‘laxmi’ and the coveted ‘amrut’ (nectar) are bound to follow 

Such golden tips coming right from the horse’s mouth (that too delivered with passion) and personal attention to each enthusiastic is bound to make a few go OOoPs (Opting Out of Placement).  And who would not like to fly high in the sky with such moral++ support. Go on mungeris … the world is waiting for you !! In words of SH – save your current pictures and note down your thoughts … for they will come in handy when the media will be making a beeline for your interviews few years from now (like they gherao Mr. NarayanMurthy and the likes)  

Papa kehte hai bada naam karega, beta hamara aisa kaam karega … magar yeh to koi na jaane ki meri manzil hai kahan 

— Harsh




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