0.2 X MBA – End of term 1

Of the ten lacs of my “expenditure”, two lacs today got reclassified as “expense”. To understand the difference you need to wait till you attend your first class of FRA at PGPX, IIMA. If you haven’t guessed what made the chunk of two lacs convert then let me tell you that it has nothing to do with any religious body but with the battle we had been fighting against the rigor and the grind which besides transforming the monetary measure, has also transformed many of us here.

With the end of term I, I don’t know how I did it, but I was enlightened by the fact that I could do it. This is one feeling that I believe runs common in many of the 73 hearts that have been beating at various rates depending on the announced quizzes, the wows, the antries, the Beethoven’s symphonies, and many other things including the book of the dead! We now are pretty well braced up for the second round of such hits and are determined not to have any misses.

The term had its share of fun and some moments that we’d prefer not to meet again. The past 2 months also saw some moments of clashes that will recur in many forms and will go on to add to the already diverse experience pool that we have here (which is 600 to 730 years by someone’s calculation! ) Besides that we now consider ourselves masters at deciding on lungi manufacturing, singing songs that half of the world doesn’t know of, telling lemons from oranges, and lastly dissecting and bisecting the prestige of a telephone company. Not to forget that all this is courtesy Bill Gates who’s been helping us in excelling in all fields.

The only rue is that we have yet not been able to give good time to explore even the campus, forget the city of Ahmedabad. Only last week one of my classmates enquired about the location of the ATM on campus. Many of us haven’t yet found themselves in the company of Vikram Sarabhai (it’s the library’s name here). But I am hopeful, armed with the experiences of term I, the next term should relatively be easier as far as management of time goes. I, for one have kept many things in place to be done on regular basis from next term onwards and blogging is one of ‘em. I won’t be surprised if we see some people converting to bloggers from being .doc writers and if they don’t I’d be disappointed as it’s a joy to read them.

— Tejbir


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