Few must do’s to score maximum in class participation, in order of importance are:
1. Start speaking before raising your hand, that is breach of protocol, it’s like the fish moving in the opposite direction to the school of fish. You are bound to get noticed. Most common starting lines are
“Sir, I have a point here.”
“Sir, I have a question here”
“I want to add to this”
“Can I answer that?”
“I have a different view on this”
2. Use the morse code technique, keep repeating following with 3 sec gaps and your stress call will be answered:
Trends show that your chance of getting instructors attention increase with each “Sir” and the probabilities get added, since they are mutually exclusive events. So, by fourth “sir” you almost reach the six sigma level in Gaussian curve, I mean Normal distribution and it is a “Ho True, Don’t reject Ho” kind of decision for the instructor.
3. Stretch your arm fully as if you are saying “Hail Hitler”. Point to be noted here is that some people can have the height advantage, but don’t get disheartened, use a flashy golden pen as an extender of your arm or wear a flashy golden watch. Remember, it will work like a mirror, which the people who crashed in the desert had and never realised the importance of it.
4. Wear bright colour clothes. Marketing research has shown that bright colours like yellow/orange and red work the best on human minds for attention grabbing. You can take a cue from fire brigades, Zebra crossing or detergent pack colour schemes.
5. Use Cheetah tactic. While answering a question if someone stops to take a breather or think, then he is like a pray, which has suddenly stopped running. Go for the kill, don’t wait for him to get started again and take advantage of the silence in the atmosphere. Say any thing that comes in you mind, I assure you it will turn all the heads.
6. Aggressive hand movement along with loud voice while answering a question will ensure that the sleepy TA wakes up and notices you and when the silence once again prevails, the TA goes back to sleep.
7. Lastly assume you are the only student in the class and others are visitors/guests. Remember we have been taught here to make some assumptions if data is not complete.

— Chatty


2 Replies to “THE CP MANTRA”

  1. Or just do not read case materials assigned for the day. That will guarantee that you will be called upon to make CP not once but several times!

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