Weekend Lessons…

Weekend classes in term two!

….did not sound fun when we received our Term 2 schedule. But the one on the first Sunday of July turned out to be interesting.

On center stage for the first half of day were two brave souls from PGPX-2 who volunteered for a role-play interview with a real recruiter in front of the whole class. The recruiter was none other than Basab Pradhan, CEO Gridstone Research and former head of global sales at Infosys. The session consisted of two half hour interviews with each candidate and reflection on the interview process later by Prof. Monnipally and Mr. Pradhan. Most of us were excited about the process as we are aspiring for senior level roles and wanted to have a feel of how these interviews are different and what is it the recruiter looks for when one already has a good track record, both in academics and in career and with the tag of a top b-school to boot. In a short duration of ½ hour per candidate, one thing that stood out for me was the keen interest shown by Basab in understanding the person behind the interviewees which is not very often evident from the resumes. The focus was on determining the person-organization fit which becomes progressively more important at senior levels.

Before the session could end, we had some more guests – Ten entrepreneurs from PGP ‘89 came and joined the discussion. We were in esteemed company of Sanjeev Bikhchandani, CEO, Naukri.com, Rahul Bhasin, CEO, Barings, Basab Pradhan, CEO, Gridstone Research, Sachit Jain, CEO, Vardhaman Group, R Subramanian, CEO, Subhiksha and others.

The second half of the day was about these entrepreneurs taking us into the nitty gritties of setting up an own venture. The topic for the session was external and internal challenges in setting up an own business.

Details about Basab’s visit to the campus can be followed at his blog –

Trip to IIM Ahmedabad

— Yogesh.


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