Dear friend…… (In the middle of term 2 at IIM Ahmedabad)

Already 4 months passed after I and my wife arrived in India. When I came here, I was embarrassed with killing-hot weather and auto-rickshaw running ruthlessly on the street. However, now my family and I feel so comfortable in the Indian life. Now I think the Indian traffic system without signal lamp is more effective for fast moving. 🙂Korea Palace 

When I see the Indian MBA system, I come to envy you. In fact in Korea, there are only several MBA courses (maybe six). Also until now Korean MBA courses are not so attractive to the MBA candidates. Those who want to study management are going out to US (Most go to US, very few go to Europe and China). It means very limited people can get opportunities to study. But in India, including IIMs, there are lots of prestige MBA courses I can easily find from newspaper advertisements. It can raise many highly educated managers who become Indian power. 

Let me introduce Korea shortly. Korea has precious history from 2333 BC. We developed our culture based on Buddhism (Now most Koreans believe in Buddhism and Christianity) Korea has unique letters named “Hangul” which was made by many scholars under order of King Sejong in 1443 AD. Although we had time under the rule of Japanese Imperialism (1910-1945) and Korea War between North and South (1950-1953), we are proud of our history. (Korea’s Independence day is 15-Aug. It is same as India’s) Although until now the cultural exchange between India and Korea has not been promoted so much, I hope by you and me, to be promoted in the near future. 

Now I hope our PGPXians’ dreams come true. 

– Hak Soo Kim


2 Replies to “Dear friend…… (In the middle of term 2 at IIM Ahmedabad)”

  1. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for sharing your culture and history with us. Wish you the very best here in India and at IIMA.

    Ankit Jain

  2. Hak Soo – A very warm welcome to the addictive world of blogging. We look forward to reading more blogs from you in the future.

    Ram Kartha

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