Uncomplicating life

Yesterday was a day of introspection for a lot of people.

They say when you want to identify a person’s native tongue, the best way to do it is to startle him in the middle of his sleep. It is natural for him to blurt out in the first language he learned growing up.Now, let me explain what that has to do with PGPX.

WIMWI’s pressure cooker approach is a cliche. One can say pressure cooker and one can live pressure cooker. Those on their way to ‘enlightenment’ from within the palisades of Vastrapur New Campus live pressure cooker. It is by being pushed into uncharted territories would we learn how to find our way out. But the initial response is no doubt bound to be as natural as a middle-of-sleep outburst.

For the last six weeks, we have been turned, twisted and juggled around. In the middle of this week came a graded-test like none other. If only a few came out unscathed, it is safe to say that the entire class was shaken. And I am told many things were blurted out by us ‘having been woken up in the middle of the sleep’. After the test, many were seen negotiating with TA with various levels of rationality, or the lack thereof.

Like one of our batch mates, SG, rightly said- an MBA teaches you like you are taught to ski. The first thing is to learn how to fall. Once you have mastered that, you are not afraid.

We learn something new everyday.Today when the grades were announced, we seemed a little more enlightened, having slept over it.

This week, if it was not the ‘Grateful dead’ that moved us, it might as well have been Avril Lavigne in ‘Complicated’ telling in a different context how not to make life complicated. The lyrics fit like a glove to how we should take it all.

“…And you fall and you crawl and you break
and you take what you get and you turn it into honesty…”

And that’s what we need to do…learn to make life more uncomplicated.



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