IIMA PGPX Media releases in June 2008

Press Releases/Coverage for PGPX in June 2008:

1. Business Standard:
IIMA maps global pathway
Click here for Business Standard Article

2. On Rediff. Com based on Business Standard print edition :
A CBI officer in IIM-Ahmedabad’s exec batch”
Click here for Rediff article

3. Economic Times, Ahmedabad:
IIM-A’s PGPX course attracting more executives settled abroad
Accessible on e-paper, thus…
http://www.economictimes.com ->epaper->Ahmedabad->June 5, 2008-> Page 2
Click here to go to ET online

4. Prof. Arvind Sahay’s interview to MBAUNIVERSE.com on PGPX programme:
Click here for MBA Universe Article

5. Business Today, Released June 28, 2008, Dated July 13, 2008:

PGPX was featured as a part of the cover story: Look for interviews with Prof.Sahay, PGPX Chairperson; Prof.Mukherjee, Placement chair; PGPX 2 students; and pictures of class and students (Pg 49, 69, 79, 97, 107, primarily).

Accessible online at: (Not sure about permalink, or expiry of the link below. If you have issues reading this, please leave a comment.)



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