On to Term 2…

After a tormenting first term which was a little extended than what everyone hoped…..we are in for the second term. From what we have heard, the second term is a continuation of the first term in terms of sleepless nights, midnight sandwiches, assignments, reports…

The first surprise (a pleasant one for a change) came with the schedule where we had an official day off. Not to miss the opportunity, the PGPX party primes organized a great party on the eve of the holiday. After a long hiatus, all PGPXians feasted on the fantastic chaat and had a gala time playing tug of war, musical chair and tambola.

While there is some thought that the break is unnecessary, I beg to differ. I think it was a much deserved break and all that we are doing here is gathering back our enthusiasm to continue for the rest of the year.

And indeed a lot of internal activities are continuing. The Center for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship is convening an IIMA entrepreneurial meet for which a lot of PGPXians have volunteered. People are actively discussing their electives for the next term. The international project is becoming an active topic. The placements committee is discussing the aspirations of all. In summary, the class has is reconvening with a focus on future.

All set and geared up we returned to our class yesterday for some amazing Economics discussions and couple of longish but great cases. The shock of first term slightly relaxed as people got to see their papers for one of the feared subjects of term I. Happily, most of the class had done fairly well and it was a collective sigh of relief.

Time to move on to a busy weekend since we have another class of another tough subject and then to assignments, sleepless nights….oh! I think I am repeating stuff. Time to study…

– Siddharth


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