The sweet smell of camaraderie

The end of September has to bring with it the sweet smell of camaraderie wafting across the old campus sports grounds. I am talking, of course, of Combos  – the annual inter-dorm sports tournament where PGPX competes against 3 groups of dorms from PGP. I’m using the words “sweet” and “camaraderie” somewhat loosely, but I didn’t know any better before the games kicked off, so I suspect I can be forgiven for taking these liberties. The morning started innocently enough with cricket, and much love professed for our late opponents (even though we had woken up at 6am for our 7am game and the game didn’t start until 7:45.. grr…), but slowly went South from there.

I bowled a couple of overs, and for a change even managed to get close enough to the stumps to induce a few misshots – as against my regular fare of wides. With my too-slow-to-stay-awake pace, no-balls, thankfully, were completely out of the question. Given the general rust that all of my illustrious PGPX classmates had on display, I even managed to convince myself that the fielders dropped a couple of catches. They, in turn, blamed the sun – how the sun affected them when they were facing away from it I’ll never figure out, but I digress. We didn’t really keep track of the score, but it must have been a tie because both teams were cheering pretty loudly at the end of the game. For the most part, I think my teammates were happy the torture was over, but I’d rather remember the emotion than the actual result 🙂
A couple of lectures at the cutting edge of Politics and Economics – and I’m using the word cutting intentionally – the Prof knows her stuff, and can be quite severe on those who throw jargon around without really knowing what they’re talking about. Given the 2+ terms of bandying terms about based on a passing acquaintance with the reading material on the way to class after breakfast, this trait meant most of us were in severe trouble during the course of the presentations we had to make.

Philip Morris and Kraft were up next. Why Philip Morris wanted to acquire Kraft was truly beyond me. And I say this in a spirit of absolute frustration. If they had just gone about on their merry way, poisoning more and more people in the world and being general scumbags, Harvard wouldn’t have written a case about the situation. And maybe I would have actually been able to spend 3 hours of my time more fruitfully, instead of dealing with an exorbitant number of exhibits that just started merging together in front of my eyes. But I digress again.

Having cranked up my levels of frustration through the day, I figured that a night session on the basketball court would be a good way to work off some steam. As it turns out, my teammates seemed to have come to the court with a similar intent, and we soon reached a tacit understanding that what we lacked in speed, skill, knowledge of rules and other such small deficiencies would be made up for by “accidentally” knocking the opponents off their feet whenever they got the ball. After all, there has to be a reason the PGPX class has gained an average of 7.6394 kilos during the past 6 months (as told to me by the resident number cruncher in my study group).

The only problem was actually catching up with the little imps. The game actually saw both Hottie and VS getting ticked off – something that has never happened at the same time in their combined existence on God’s green Earth. Hottie, in fact, looked like he was willing to take a swing at whoever was nearest him in the opposite colored jersey. The refs fit this description, but thankfully never got close enough for him to take a swipe. Oh well – there’s always next time 😉

As for me, in the meantime, must… get… fit!!




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