When PGPX arrived at the ground, we were presented with the sight of a pink UFO floating around the field. On closer inspection, this extra terrestrial machine seemed to be imparting sustenance through the fingertips of the Greys team. The PGPX squad instantly huddled up and put CP about the edibility of the disk.

After all:
1. It did look somewhat like a pizza
2. It was 11pm – most of us were hungry again
3. Some of us didn’t have any classes during the day, so all that pent-up CP had to go somewhere

We finally decided that since the disk seemed to have touched the ground a few times, and we’ve been trying hard to tell our kids not to eat food that has touched the ground, we’ll go with the ET hypothesis. As the game started, we discussed various strategies to draw some of the above mentioned sustenance from the wierd spinning mechanism, but we realized it was too late – the UFO seemed to have fed everything it had to one guy on the Grey’s squad who had shot up to an incredible height of 8 feet and was therefore able to snatch everything that came by the general vicinity. PGPX started with a girl in the goal who was blocking a few of the hundreds of attempts that came her way. We noticed this, and switched to a guy. Remember – never send a girl to do a man’s job – an all-male ensemble of goalie and defenders (including yours truly), proceeded to not stop anything at all.

In the meantime, on the offence, players found that some wierd concept called “technique” seemed to be needed to launch the UFO. A complementary signalling mechanism was definitely needed to draw the UFO into our hands, since it seemed to land all around us, but never in our hands. At halftime, we regrouped and decided to implement a new strategy called “shove the gits” (not to be confused with “break their knees” – which the referee refused to allow; a deplorably partisan point of view, I must say). We also used the acting talents gained during T-nite to impersonate curtains, which we proceeded to drape over any attacker that got too close to the goal. The latter strategy seemed to work to an extent, as the flow of goals slowed down. The substitution of the 8-ft tall man-alien definitely helped as well.

As we walked back from a game well played, it struck us – the UFO just had an age limit filter. Not a lot you can do about that.

– Senthil


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