Birds and Nests…

As I strolled today evening out from the tunnel to the old campus, flock after flock of birds returned back to the trees. After a day’s hard work, they were back to their safe places. The noises, the shaking of trees, the falling of dried leaves continued for a while. As dusk changed into night and the various shades of orange in the sky changed to the cool night….the birds quietened. Just a chirp here and there was heard.

I came back from the stroll, to my room. As a habit, I turned on my laptop, turned on the browser and the homepage came up. Log in and check….no new mail! I checked the internet connection…thats ok. I refreshed the page again hoping it was a cached page. Nope…no new mail.

The birds of PGPX3 had quietened down. There were less than 10 mails in the day. Some of us(including me) were trying to send mails from the first term hoping to see some new conversation on the cyber-lobby of PGPX…

The birds were preparing for the flight home.Some had already flown. I suddenly felt choked.

After a rocking party yesterday night, it was difficult to suddenly swallow the fact that we all will move now. A year full of cases, readings, CP, arguments, business games and unbreakable bonds between such wonderful people and families.

This one year has a special place in our hearts and I know all of us are now unsure about coping with this sudden dislocation from our dear CR11 class.

The birds’ nests have moved. Memories linger on…

– Siddharth


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