Harsh Thakkar running for ‘Social Cause’

Pattu is skilled in making bags & flower pots using plastic wires. She makes lot of such goods & sells it in the weekly market. Since she did not have money to invest, she was not able to make more such products even though she had enough demand.

Dhanabakiam is an ‘established’ tailor and she is now getting regular orders for uniforms from school and bags from textile and fancy stores. She wants to buy a new embroidery machine and meet the increasing demand.

Neither of them was willing to give up dignity and get ‘buried’ under the obligation of ‘donation’ or ‘charity’

A ‘social investment’ enabled them to multiply their income and be a WINNER in their own right!

About 200 such ‘borrowers’ are awaiting their turn to be another WINNER!

“Until we all win; we all loose!”

Will you please help?
… with this thought in mind, a Gurgaon resident has decided to RUN in the World 10km in Bangalore on 31st May for a cause!

What is Social Investment?

One way of defining ‘social investment’ is ‘to lend money to individuals who do not have access to credit’. Your social investment will help you connect with borrowers by lending small sums of money at low interest rates. This means that more and more people will be able to access credit and begin to grow above their existing economic condition. RangDe is a non profit social initiative that aims to make low cost micro credit a reality. It provides an online platform that connects a social investor to a needy individual, looking for a means to set up or expand his means of livelihood.  GOOD thing is – you get your money back and a 3.5% pa. interest – so it is NOT charity!

What it is NOT?

  • It is not charity (and therefore not a tax exempt donation)
  • It is not like a regular investment – atleast does not get you loads of ‘interest income’ so that you need to worry about ‘tax’

How can you help?


    • Send a check/draft drawn in favor of “RangDe Org” to him (Email him at harshthakkar@gmail.com to find out more) [you can invest in multiples of Rs. 500]

Have Questions? Contact harshthakkar@gmail.com to find out more

Lets share the colors of joy!


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