Blatant and Latent Needs!!

Well, the PGPX bullet-train hurtles along and I find myself barely hanging from a footboard trying desperately to stay aboard. There are 10 subjects in the very 1st term, each of them coming at you with an average of 8 cases, 2 quizzes, 5 submissions, and 1 end-term exam.  While pursuing studies is the primary concern, I don’t want my life to become uni-dimensional and hence try to keep myself involved with extra-curricular activities as well. I equate this to fulfilling both my blatant and latent needs, and talking about needs, here are a few others described a bit more.

Activity Blatant Need Latent Need
Media Rep activities Contributing to overall PGPX marketing Getting fellow student Manoj Khare a role in some “Saas-Bahu” serial
Morning Walks Reduce the paunch Want the toothpaste froth to fall directly in the sink and not on the tummy
Music, Song & Dance stuff Reduce stress, enjoy peer company Giving Kumar Sanu a run for his money
Meddling with food menu in the PGPX mess Getting healthier and more palatable food Obtaining systemic power to stop the damn server from snatching my plate away mid-meal
Gym Getting into shape Avoid  getting into a bigger spherical shape
Managing the PGPX blog Contributing towards PGPX Branding Outlet for creative juices and itchy finger relief
Sports – cricket & TT Physical activity Taking out frustration of bad grades by hitting the ball

Signing off with the hope that the study-load will not exceed what it already is , and that there will be adequate time and opportunites this year, to fulfill both my set of needs!


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