Noisemakers of the PGPX world unite!!

Hear ye Hear Ye!

Some noisy PGPX participants have chosen to get together and create a music club to begin their transformational ‘progression’ from ‘cacophony’ to ‘harmony’. They may be novices at the art but make no mistake, their hearts ‘beat’ as one, love of music is the  ‘chord’ that binds them, they want to ‘amplify’ their knowledge and in the process help to keep up the ‘tempo’ of the PGPX batch.

And the ‘octave’ is quite an ‘ensemble’ –

Pavan – trained classical singer

Bhaswar – drummer

Esmail, Rohit, Vaibhav – music lovers with varied listening interests

Rachana – perfect combination of the love for music and dance

Naveen – Sufi and traditional Punjabi music lover

Parag – keyboardist and singer

The group is currently cobbling together musical instruments and are in the process of creating the PGPX “Nukkad” band.  Watch this space for more musical action soon……

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