PGPX featured in BBC coverage

During the recent elections in India, BBC organized a team of about 30 correspondents that traveled across India in a special train covering the election process. The team consists of international and Indian correspondents representing their world service (radio), TV and online channels and Ahmedabad was their first stop in this journey.

PGPX participants held an interaction with the BBC team and presented their views on the elections process, possibility of politics being a career option for management graduates and today’s youth, changes that the youth wants to see in the system, the participants’ vision for India and how will they contribute towards realizing that vision. The recorded statements were then packaged as short feeds for BBC FM partners in 12 different Indian FM stations and also for the BBC world service broadcasting in other nations.

The PGPX community was represented by Rachana Salgia, Sandeep Desale, Vikram Batra, Vaibhav Khandelwal , Dinesh Rathi, Anil Kumar, Hemant Tirthani and Parag Prasad.

One Reply to “PGPX featured in BBC coverage”

  1. Hi,

    Ive been invited for an interview (PGPX V – 2010-2011), and would like to chat up, either with a current candidate or an alumni to get better insights, can someone pls guide me?


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