16.666667% done?

It’s been almost 2 months now, since we began our PGPX journey. At registration time we were handed a set of books and class readings about 12-inches tall. To say the least, that pile was intimidating. I’ve been a voracious reader for as long as I can remember, yet, to visualize going through the thousands of pages of unfamiliar stuff in six weeks, was pretty far-fetched.

Today, my email system organization says we’re through five of the ten subjects in Term 1. I can’t believe I’ve read through so much of so many books. Add to that all the cases, and note-taking, and after-class sessions, and it becomes all-involving, all-encompassing all at once.

It’s funny that I’m learning a skill that I didn’t care to acquire before, in all my schooling and tertiary studies – the art of ‘gisting’, or skimming, or scanning. I’m totally old school when it comes to reading. I want to read cover to cover, each word. It’s a habit that’s held me in good stead, except for PGPX. The amount of information one is given is simply phenomenal, and it is practically impossible to read every word. Perhaps it’s by design that one cannot read everything one comes across. After really struggling with it in the beginning, I have gotten better (I think) at locating the nuggets in all the dirt (so to speak) in all the reading-work we are given.

Of the many skills we will develop further, this particular one is turning out to be of great immediate use. If you’re in Ahmedabad, watch out for any folks speed-reading their way through tomes in the public. You might very well be looking at a PGPXian!



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