IIP – Visit from the Amsterdam Business School

As an integral and core component of the PGPX program, participants have to undergo a term on International Immersion (IIP). This is a two-part program conducted during the month of November and December. The first part of this 5-week program is executed from an international b-school. This is followed by a 4-week international project with one of the sponsoring firms.

 For the first part of academic capsule on IIP, Amsterdam Business School (ABS) has been one of the sought-after exchange schools. So when the representatives of ABS visited IIM-A campus on May 18th, there was definite excitement on what they had to offer this year. We arranged a session with Professor Jacob Smit, Programme Director, and Ms Louise Verbeek, Programme Manager, to understand their program and share our expectations. Our interaction was on diverse topics; it ranged from queries on life in Amsterdam to the current economic condition in Europe. Professor Smit provided us insight on Netherland’s annual $20billion burgeoning floral market and explained to us how this industry came into existence. He also demonstrated how a typical “Dutch” auction works in these markets and promised us a visit to these “floral” exchanges, should we choose ABS for our international immersion.

Any topic on an Amsterdam institution is incomplete without a brief on the city! Amsterdam is the financial and cultural capital of Netherlands and one of the most prominent cities in the European Union. Also it is possibly one of the most revered tourist destinations in the world. It’s known for its architecture, “free-spirited” culture and dynamic people. Undoubtedly, many from the previous batches have taken this unique opportunity to combine business with pleasure!

The PGPX batch looks forward to interacting with  ABS during this year’s IIP.



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