Here come the Marketers!

IIMA is the cradle for best marketing brains in the country and imagine the might of the club when it comes with 250+ years of work experience.

This is the difference between ‘PGPX marketing club’ and ‘student’s marketing club’. 

The diversity of participants and a shared passion for marketing makes this club unique. From an Army Major to IT major, a Brand Manager to Construction Manager,  Sailor to Hackers (yeah they survive!!!) you can find them animatedly discussing the intricacies of “Value Proposition” & “Brand Communication”.

 Here, its not just about Ideas, its Relevant Ideas, its about Creativity with a direction, its about Imagination with Application.

This is a bunch of innovators, honing their skills. Each session is like a marketing conference where ideas are brutally thrashed and marketing strategies are questioned.

So, if you are looking for quality discussion, this is the place to be.

 Watch this space for Ideas and Marketing Insights.



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