Movers-n-Shakers @ the dance party!

Yes it was one of those weeks with submissions, case discussions leading up to the wee hours of the morning every day followed by a series of grilling quant classes, topped with final exams and quizzes. And then came Saturday night and I couldn’t help saying Phew!! more week down and 40 something more weeks to go!

Ever since we joined PGPX, this is all we had been doing – studying, discussing, writing, studying and more discussing and even more it was a good time for an impromptu break – a night to chill. Out went the group mail and some students perked up and cobbled together makeshift audio system, chain of extension cords (!) and music collections. Some of us gathered in the lawn between Dorm 26 and Dorm 27 (singles’ accommodation) and started playing upbeat music. Hearing the commotion, more and more folks joined with their families. What followed was 3 hours of foot tapping music, dancing and removal of “serious PGPX student” mask and replacement with “we are people who also like fun and shake a leg” masks. It reminded all of us of good old college days! We have all consciously decided to go back to college and be students for a what’s college life without elements like this??

We had great fun and have decided to do this more often …….but when is the question? Things will get busy soon and we will forget to have fun…or who knows the next chill out would be yet another impromptu event.



2 Replies to “Movers-n-Shakers @ the dance party!”

  1. Good to see that you guys could manage a break from the schedule…I am really feeling nostalgic remembering my time in WIMWI…

    BTW..Don’t worry..I am sure you will be able to squeeze a few more of these starting term 3…

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