PGPX goes Green!

PGPX participants have created a Green Technology Interest Group where Sustainable development, Green passion and entrepreneurial spirit is coming together.

The group’s agenda guides various activities that it has pursued already and more are being planned:

  • Explore the opportunities and trends in Green technology
  • Understand the human and natural impact on climate change
  • Track new policies and understand geo-politics of the green eco-system
  • Learn sustainable development concepts from Indian context
  • Understand UNFCCC and IPCC initiatives and its impact on global and Indian business community
  • Collaborate with CIIE RE-Search to work with budding entrepreneurs

We coordinate with IIMA professors who are also member of IPCC to understand the field and identify projects in green technology. We also work with Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) at IIMA to identify and help budding entrepreneurs in green energy space. As part of speaker series, we are trying to get CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) at Tata Energy and Suzlon senior management to address the students.

Events organized so far include:

  1. Awareness sessions for the PGPX batch on Green issues
  2. Interactive session with Prof. Amit Garg on carbon related subjects and carbon finance
  3. Screening of “Inconvenient Truth” – a documentary on climate change featuring Senator Al Gore
  4. Meet and greet with CIIE entrepreneurs

Watch this space for more Green activities and updates…..

Nitin Sharma


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