An energetic day @ PGPX!

Our PGPX batch of 2009-2010 has an average age of 33 and average work experience of over 10 years. Ask 80 of us to simulate a market place for ships (that we had to build using stationeries – colored paper, glue etc) and you get elements of organization structure, manufacturing, product design, customer/agent/seller negotiation, price competition et al compressed in 40 minutes. It was 40 minutes of uproar, just short of a fish market. I role-played an agent and I almost felt like a street smart businessman striking deals with manufactures and sellers.

Would you have guessed that this was an exercise on organizational effectiveness in the Organizational Behavior class? The day started at a good and energetic note for me.

“An Overview of India’s Energy Scenario and the Relevant Policy Implications” – I, an ignorant soul who knows nothing about energy and power sector but yes curious about it, didn’t have to think twice to attend the seminar. The lecture was delivered by Mr. Surya P. Sethi, currently working as Principal Adviser (Energy), Planning Commission, Government of India. A man of gentle demeanor but with a powerful message – India must lower energy demand through energy conservation and higher energy efficiency. Nothing earth shattering! I agree but hearing it from a man who has been swimming against the tide for past couple of years to make energy related policy changes at the highest level means much more than reading an article on energy.

Mr. Sethi agreed to spend the evening and have dinner with couple of us. Conversations meandered to energy conservation, energy alternatives, climate change, political agenda vs. policy changes – big words for me that I do not know much about. It was just being in the presence of a man with humility and knowledge that was so stimulating and eye-opening. The day ended at a very high note.

Would I have got a chance to hear Mr. Sethi if I was pursuing MBA in USA? I do not know but I felt reaffirmed that the decision to join PGPX was the right decision for me.

 – Abhishek Kumar


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