Profile of the Week – Ganesh Jayaraman

I am a General Manager from the IT industry. I gained bulk of my managerial experience while supporting the mission critical security application for a Global Credit Card and Financial Services client. I have had the opportunity to work very close with both my customers and my team and these opportunities have provided me with quite a few moments of epiphany. 

 I perceive my experience from the following backdrops: 

Customer: Understanding the stated and unstated needs of the customer and the ability to predict the customer’s future needs and to convert them into tangible deliveries – I say these are the moments when you experience poetry in work-life. 

Organization: Successfully served as the first Portfolio Director for a newly created portfolio. I ensured maximum value delivery for both the client and my organization by globally dispersing my portfolio – My three teams were structured to operate seamlessly from the US, Latin America and four different locations in India. 

People: “Ganesh cared about our career progression” – I consider this feedback from one of my team members very close to my heart. Our portfolio’s success in the customer and organization fronts was enabled by its enthusiastic members. 

 The reason behind my success in work-life? My personal life! 

I am blissfully married and have a five year old ‘bundle of joy!!’ I have avid interests in reading, travel and photography.

 To know more about me, visit my linkedin profile here


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