Speaker Series..Geet Sethi & Viren Rasquinha

When you see something isn’t going right, you can either criticize… or step up to lead the change
This is pretty much how I would like to sum up the speech by Geet Sethi, a multi-time World Billiards Champion. How to enable Indian sports persons to win more medals (ideally- Gold medals!) at the Olympics? What kind of support/training programs do they need? How to obtain funding? Should your movement be for-profit, or a non-profit? How to stay focused on ONE goal when there are multiple conflicting options to take your vision forward? This is how Geet shared his vision, and energized the class.And the presentation by Viren Rasquinha, the Arjun Award-winning former Captain of the Indian Hockey Team, was a charged-up, informative and inspiring narration about the Olympic Gold Quest program. The presentation had statistics, revenue figures, performance trends of sportspersons: this was pure B-school stuff, and we got the message- given the right support system, our sportspersons can beat the best in the world.
If you are pressed for time, but want to know what the PGPX-V class (and some very keen PGPs) experienced last night, the above gives the headline. For those who want the news story, stay tuned to this page…

Amresh Deshpande,
PGPX , Class of 2011


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