Speaker Series .. Mr Sridhar Rajagopalan – Managing Director, Educational Initiatives

IIMA PGPX Speaker Series gave us an exciting 2 hours with Sridhar Rajagopalan, Managing Director ,Education Initiatives. His perspectives on innovation in fundamental education were based on extensive international research and vast experience in the conceptualization, implementation and running of some of the elite educational institutions. He presented interesting insights into the difficulties children faced in developing an understanding of the basic concepts thus revealing sharp learning deficiencies in the current teaching methodologies adopted by India’s primary education system .
He shared his views on wide ranging fundamental questions such as – when should students be exposed to negative numbers, why primary education in mother tongue (up to class 5) is more effective, how private and government schools compare, how Indian and American students compare etc.
Sridhar’s focus on solving fundamental problems of education rather than on monetizing his opportunities stood out and EI-India’s passion to work towards qualitative improvement in India’s educational system inspired many of our prospective PGPX entrepreneurs.

– Abhishek Srivastava,
PGPX , Class of 2011


One Reply to “Speaker Series .. Mr Sridhar Rajagopalan – Managing Director, Educational Initiatives”

  1. Yes, I can relate the situation to my own experience in conceptualizing the fundamentals as a child e.g., when negative numbers were introduced.Rrajesh Madhyaani

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