Ultimate Frisbee : PGP Vs PGPX !

Match Report
The PGPs and PGPXs played their first frisbee match @ LKP 2 nights ago. It
was the first game for Xer’s on the wide LKP field, since they are used to the
narrow constraints of the IMDC lawns. The game was fast and hectic with both
teams scoring regularly. For the Xer’s tall guy Varun & fast guy Shridhar were
the end zone warriors, with reliable spot duty by Venky. On the other hand
Anuroop and Amit starred on defense. Rohit, Abhishek, Satish, Mayank & Bhavin
did most of the running in the midfield. PGPs did a good job of covering
Nikhil, the most experienced player for PGPX.

The PGPs tried to utilize Naka’s height advantage but their long throws were
off target. Khadke did a good job of marking Varun towards the latter half of
the game and was aided by Pantom in the defense. Obama, Jocki, Sagar, Teemish
and others worked in the midfield and made quick runs into the end-zone to
score for the PGPs. Though the team missed a few tricks while defending, their
quick short passes created opportunities to score and compensated for the weak
defence. The PGP team missed the services of some of its more experienced
players like Salman. Hopefully , we should be seeing them in the match next

Even though PGPX held onto a small lead for significant portions of the game,
the PGP’s were able to pull ahead in the last few minutes with the X’ers
failing to connect on a handful of long throws. Youth definitely played a part
in the end & the Xer’s will look to bounce back next week with their

Result – PGPs won 30-26

-Nikhil Bhaskar Mudaliar
PGPX, Class of 2011


One Reply to “Ultimate Frisbee : PGP Vs PGPX !”

  1. Quite an improvement from the 70-2 hiding we received in X3. Nice to see the practice paying off, and all the best for the next round!

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