ConneXion 2010 .. A warm welcome to entire IIMA Alumni community

PGPX is gearing up for October 22nd 2010; a day which promises to be one of the most eventful since our induction on April 8th.There is heightened activity & a sense of eager anticipation everywhere on the new campus.

Placement season is still a good 3 months down the road, so, what’s all the adrenaline rush about?
One may be inclined to ask. Well, this is the run-up for the biggest day (or shall we say, the biggest weekend) in the PGPX calendar – the much awaited ConneXion 2010 event, currently in its second edition.

Originally conceptualized by the X4’s as a platform for interaction& networking; ConneXion has been given a much broader context by us, the X5’s. It will now be an experience spread across 3 days, from October 22nd till October 24th

For the uninitiated, the mission statement would be a good introduction,

ConneXion provides a national platform to bring together industry, academia, policy makers to discuss vital business trends and emerging issues. Through its high powered speakers, focused panel discussions and insightful PGPX participation, the event intends to provide thought leadership for the next level of corporate growth and renewal.”

With less than a month to go, preparations are underway in full swing to welcome the high level dignitaries and our esteemed alumni onto the campus. The ConneXion movement is gaining momentum with every passing day – what started as a core group of 4 elected event organizers has grown to over 20 volunteers in various sub committees – logistics, event management, media; all persevering together to make this event a grand success.

The distinguished speaker list includes Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam ( Former President of India) , Murali Sivaraman ( CEO, Philips India) ,J.J.Irani ( Director, Tata Sons) , Rajgopal Nogja ( President ,Lavasa Corporation & HCC Real Estate ) ,Chender Baljee ( CMD, Royal Orchid Hotels) , TK Kurien ( President , Wipro EcoEnergy ) , Shambhu Das ( CEO , Torrence Capital) , Vivek Gupta ( Director, Saran Renewables) , Shamik Moitra ( General Principal, Aditya Birla Private Equity ) ,Ravi Krishnan ( MD & Senior Vice President, IMG South Asia) ,Sandip Tarkas ( Chief Strategy Officer , Future Group),Bhaskar Das ( Executive Vice President , Bennet Coleman & Co Ltd) , Prof Harrick Vin (Vice President & Chief Scientist, TCS) ,Karumuttu Kannan ( MD, Thiagarajar Mills & Member-Tamilnadu State Planning Commission),Chirag C Doshi (MD,WalchandNagar Indust. Ltd ) .

The sessions are outlined below.

Day 1: Innovations on Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

PGPX students are working on ideas for inclusive growth in various areas such as education, healthcare, environment protection etc. These ideas with detailed plans will be presented to a panel of experts, including the former President of India & a notable Scientist – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

The panelists will review, critique & provide feedback on the plans presented by students. Based on these inputs, students can refine their plans & work towards the implementation of their ideas. The intent behind this exercise is to influence the opinions of policy makers via publication of their reports.

Day 2 Session 1: Green Innovations

The essence of sustainability is to achieve a balance between economic growth and protecting the environment. These days Companies becoming are looking for technologies and business processes that reduce their carbon footprint giving due consideration to people, planet, and profit.

Day 2 will seek to bring out organizations’ concern for the ‘planet’ while meeting their business objectives. The session on Green Innovation focuses on achieving Sustainable Growth through Clean Technology. It brings together industry leaders who have walked the talk on reducing Carbon Emissions. Ideas to promote clean technology development, creating platforms for sharing sustainable industry practices enabling the transition from a purely profit oriented outlook to a broader, ecologically sensitive growth strategy will be discussed. Steel, Automotive, Construction, Hospitality, Alternative Energy and Private Equity would be some of the industries represented by the various speakers.

Day 2 Session 2: PGPX Alumni Meet

PGPX is currently in its 5th edition – 4 high powered batches have walked the hallowed corridors of IIMA and have gone back to industry to make their contribution felt through their corporate roles and business ventures. With about 300 alums spread across India and the abroad, it’s an exclusive club that’s growing in number and stature with every passing year.

The Alumni event at ConneXion 2010 aims to bring together this eclectic group of individuals to spend a few days on campus and walk down the memory lane. Their presence also lends itself well to the industry interaction aspect of ConneXion 2010 where the themes range from managing challenges in emerging markets to Marketing innovations while going green in between.

The session with the alums is focused on the “industry learning’s” module where we intend to receive “gyan” from our esteemed seniors on a variety of industries and then focused round tables conducted by the Special Interest Groups (SIGs). This serious round of interaction will give way to the cultural extravaganza planned for the alums in the evening, showcasing some of the “world famous in IIMA” performances by our very own X5’s and their spouses. The grand dinner will be topped off by an open house dance and “masti” till late into the night.

Day 3 Session1: Marketing Innovations

After discussing various topics on innovation related to green, sustainable and inclusive growth, the third day’s session will address two topics: Innovations in marketing and marketing the innovations. The session will try to bring four important stake holders together on one platform for a discussion and idea generation: Innovators, marketing professionals, academics and the students. There will be presentations from students on concepts drawn from their professional experience and learnings at IIMA. The practitioners will be validating these presentations and will also bring in their perspectives.

PGPX students have created a forum to promote grass-root innovators identified through organizations such as National Innovation Foundation. Some of the innovators from such forums will also be attending these sessions displaying their innovations.

For more details , please refer to the event details Connexion 2010


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