The sweet taste of success – FT Global MBA Rank #11

The PGPX Programme at IIMA has made a splash with its debut in the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2011. Ranked #11 in the world, it has been recognized for career progression, placement success, and alumni recommendation. Other achievements include a #1 ranking in India and a #2 ranking in Asia-Pacific.

This achievement is not only a matter of pride for students of PGPX but also the greater IIMA community, which has worked tirelessly to afford us this success. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Alma Mater for initiating the programme, our alumni who have worked hard to earn us this reputation, recruiters who have trusted our abilities and invested their faith in us, and finally our competition, for pushing us to excel year after year.

While we savor the joys of this moment, we are humbled by the fact that this is a reflection of hard work to-date by faculty, students, alumni, and so many other stakeholders. Sustaining this position and improving it will require even more hard work and pooling our collective strengths.

The entire IIMA community is celebrating this moment, which could not come at a better time, as we celebrate the Institute’s Golden Jubilee. Go PGPX, Go IIMA!

FT Global MBA Ranking 2011


One Reply to “The sweet taste of success – FT Global MBA Rank #11”

  1. Wow!! unbelievable. How many institutes around the world could command such a positioning in their 1st year of being eligible for a ranking? Got to be rare.

    Once the joy sinks in, pressure would be to better this.
    Congratulations everybody!!!

    PS: Persoanlly, It couldn’t have come at better time — proudly joining PGPX VI.

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