Creativity Amidst Adversity – An evening of fun and games @ PGPX-6

PGPX Batch 6 announced their arrival on campus with a rocking cultural evening. The Cultural Committee together with an energetic and enthusiastic Spouse Group took up the challenge to make the first Cultural Evening an occasion to remember.

Friday , May 13th, saw a bunch of enthusiastic PGPXians descend on the lawns of IIMA’s New Campus. After being continuously barraged with a battery of quizzes – with the last four in successive days – PGPXians and their families savoured the gala event which provided a fabulous opportunity for the battered souls to forget their woes in a well-coordinated series of games organized by a group of committed and flamboyant organizers. The latter took the cudgels to organize the event despite being subjected to the same straitjacketed schedule. The team of Arpita Bishoyi, Gaurav Goel and Sumit, Aniruddha Ray and anchors Smitha Venkataramana and Dr. Ajay Dogra displayed exemplary event management skills in coordinating the event.

The entire batch of PGPX and their spouses was divided into four teams – Green, Blue, Yellow and Red. “Team Red” cheered to deafening decibels of Laal Dhamal Kare Kamaal by its supporters, emerged winner in the DODGE THE BALL in a keenly contested match with the Green Team.The game did see sparks of rivalry flaring up as none of the teams was interested in giving up easily. The game quickly became one of passion and unswerving resolve as each team aimed to hit the ball below the knees of the opponents inside the circle.

The games reached a crescendo when the Tug of War competition saw the rope itself breaking up under the “tension”. If anything – PGPXians exuded brute power – understandably accentuated with all the pressure they have been handling in the preceeding four-week marathon since the commencement of PGPX.

The kids too had their share of fun and bonhomie with Xbox driven entertainment, amiably coordinated by Devesh Rathore. The kids’ musical chairs event saw them hustle and bustle around the ever dwindling number of chairs… great selection of music was played during the musical chairs.

It was an evening to remember, but more importantly – as the first ever bonding event right in the middle of the academic throes – it brought a much needed succour to the PGPXians and acted as a curtain raiser for the much anticipated social events in the future – T-Nite and others that will follow soon. The will and the mettle of the PGPXians was a hearty demonstration of what commitment and hard work is capable of producing. In the end, everyone danced to the sound of music and brought the event to a scintillating finish.


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