Speaker Series : Samsung SW Asia CEO and President – Jung Soo Shin

IIM Ahmedabad PGPX  kick-started a great year of learning by inviting Mr. Jung Soo Shin, President and CEO, Samsung South West Asia for the PGPX Speaker Series on Thursday , June 2nd , 2011 at the IIMA New Campus.

Professor Satish Deodhar , Chairperson of the PGPX program introduced Mr. Shin and spoke about the bond between IIMA and Samsung. Mr. Shin then shared his tips and views on leadership in the current business environment while addressing the students of the PGPX Class of 2012.

Mr. Shin gave a brief background of his journey in Samsung and gave an overview on Samsung’s global operations, products and strategy in India. Mr. Shin shared insights on the challenges faced by Samsung and the steps taken by the organization to adapt in the Indian market.

Mr. Shin emphasized the significance of R&D as an essential part of their strategy. He also stressed on the importance of working in a diverse cultural background and listening to the customers, employees and market.

During his interaction , he spoke about the profound influence of Rabindranath Tagore’s thoughts and how Samsung India honoured the great poet and philosopher on his 150th birth anniversary.

Earlier, Prof. Samir Barua, Director, IIM Ahmedabad and Mr. Shin signed the MoU at the IIM Ahmedabad campus to announce the Samsung Scholarship Program. The program will recognize and support five meritorious students from IIM Ahmedabad every year.


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