My first rain experience in IIMA

Friday, 3rd June 2011: It was a typical evening at the IIMA Campus, hot, humid and with only the sounds of occasional bird calls to break the silence. I was sitting alone in my room thinking about the unusually long weekend ahead (Saturday and Sunday!). Yes, it is unusual to have long weekends in this course, ‘KNOWN FOR ITS RIGOUR.’ These long weekends can be scary too. All the pending submission work has a nasty habit of slowly creeping up behind you, much like the happy go lucky strays that inhabit this hallowed campus.

But as the evening wore on there was this sudden sweet fragrance, which all of a sudden penetrated the thick fog of thoughts. A fragrance which brought back childhood memories, a charming fragrance that no perfume manufacturer can replicate ever. The fragrance of rain drops falling on dry earth. I opened my balcony door and stared, awed, at the first rain of our stay in IIM-A campus. Then came my neighbor and asked in his patented style – “Hey, walk pe chalega kya?”How could I say no to such an offer? I always find some excuse to get drenched in rain. Moreover, this was the easiest escape from all the terrifying thoughts of submissions. My good friend was more than happy that he could keep the pledge of surviving till the first rains of the PGPX and wanted to celebrate.

We walk through the muddy walkways of the old campus and the beauty of it we witnessed shall be etched in our memories forever. The bricks had turned a deeper share of red; the trees were looking greener, as if Mother Nature had washed the faces of her naughty kids. The birds were chirping louder than ever, their calls and songs matching the sound of the pitter- patter of rain drops falling on the leaves and tin sheds. Peacocks were singing their love songs (although it seemed like war cries). There was a delicious coolness in the air, and the shimmering heat of the IIMA campus seemed to our minds like a distant mirage and memory…..

It was this sublime evening, which assuaged all our worries and tensions and brought us nearer to nature and to our inner selves. We could understand true meaning of these couplets:-

ूप में निकलो घटाओं में नहाकर देखो

जिंदगी क्या है किताबों को हटकर देखो

(Come out in sunshine, get drenched under clouds

Keep aside books and drink the nectar of real life).

PS : Next morning I went out and took some pictures of the beauty – the Old Campus. You can see and enjoy some of these pictures in this blog.

Vikas Guru

MBA Candidate PGPX-6 (2011-12)


2 Replies to “My first rain experience in IIMA”

  1. Vikas – amidst all the deliriousness, hope you didn’t miss out on two must-have’s during such beautiful weather – chai and gobhi ke pakore 🙂

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