Speaker Series: Ms. Kiran Sethi, Education enterpreneur

Kiran Sethi, education entrepreneur and wife of Indian legend Geet Sethi, today addressed the IIM Ahmedabad PGPX students as part of the PGPX Speaker Series.

In 2001, she founded the Riverside School in Ahmedabad, designing the primary school’s curriculum and building from the ground up. During her interaction, Ms. Sethi took the students through her entrepreneurial journey over the past 10 years. She shared her experience on conceptualizing and executing the world’s largest students’ design challenge in 2009. This concept reached around 25 million students across the world and provided innovative solutions ranging from converting garbage bins to playgrounds in India to novel uses of recycled waste from beaches in Brazil.

Through the interaction, Ms. Kiran explained that the driving force behind her initiative was the desire to make every child reach its potential. Ms. Sethi’s curriculum encourages and invokes curiosity in children as a stepping stone towards learning. She shared with the batch some of her best practices in this process. In the Q&A session that followed, students asked questions to understand more about the planning that went into her venture and the challenges she faced. The key message that Ms. Sethi shared with the audience was that an entrepreneur must be willing to commit 100% effort and time towards achievement of their goals.


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