Speaker Series: Sear’s CEO and HR Head

‘Market, market, market’

You cannot market enough. Whether it is about yourself or your employees, you need to share your good work with others, even if it is your captive unit. This was one of key insights which Mr. Alok Kumar, CEO of Sears India shared with PGPX students at IIMA. He was accompanied by Mr Santosh Panicker, HR Head of Sears India.

Mr Kumar shared his entrepreneurial story of starting Sears India from scratch and growing its employee strength to 600 in a very short span of one and half years.

While talking about the challenges and opportunities along his journey he emphasized on managing customers, specially the internal ones.  He gave pragmatic insights on how proper internal marketing can make the difference between a successful and a struggling start up organization. By citing personal challenges that he faced at Sears India, Mr. Kumar also shared how cultural identities can be amalgamated across geographies and devoted his success to positive thinking, great attitude of his team, and the trust he was able to build in his early days at Sears.

Mr Kumar mentioned that he had been lucky in his venture as he got not only the right bosses but also developed a strong network. He stressed that “Luck is a Self fulfilling prophecy” and the people who get lucky are the ones who are optimist, courageous, and most importantly believe in their inner voice and hunch.

He ended the session on a note that People who enjoy their work are most successful.


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