PGPX student runner up in IIMA TT tournament

Rahul Bheemidi, from PGPX Batch 6, won the 2nd place in the singles category of recently conducted IIMA TT tournament.

Journey to the finals: After 2 games in preliminary rounds, Rahul faced tough competition in quarter finals. He won the quarters 4-1, with the last set going to dues, and cruised through the semi finals 4-0.

His batch mates enthusiastically supported him through the final stages.

Below is the complete result of the TT tournament (Courtesy: Sports Comm)

Girls’ Singles
Winner: Shambhavi Prasade (PGP1)
Runner-up: Reema Ghosh Roy (PGP2)
2nd Runner-up: Vandana P. (PGP1)

Girls’ Doubles
Winner: Smruti Soni & Reema Ghosh Roy (PGP2)
Runner-up: Deepti Poluru & Divya Jyoti (PGP2)

Boys’ Singles
Winner: Udit Dhupar (PGP2)
Runner-up: Rahul Bheemidi (PGPX)
2nd Runner-up: Ramakrishnan TS (FPM)

Boys’ Doubles
Winner: Kantesh Patil/Kushal Karwa (PGP2)
Runner-up: Abhinav Bhalla/Udit Dhupar (PGP2)
2nd Runner-up: Himanshu Nimje & Kunal Khilar (PGP2)

Mixed Doubles
Winner: Kantesh Patil & Smruti Soni (PGP2)
Runner-up: Himanshu Nimje & Divya Jyoti (PGP2)
2nd Runner-up: Kailash HD & Shambhavi Prasade (PGP1)


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