Emergence of a New Economy

“A new economy is emerging from the global financial crisis, and there is a need for new strategy playbook in this contemporary economics”, said Dr. Mia De Kuijper, author of the book “Profit Power Economics: A New Competitive Strategy for Creating Sustainable Wealth“, while addressing the IIMA PGPX class as part of their speaker series.

Dr. Kuijper guided the audience through the fundamentals of this contemporary economy and explains how companies and individuals can create sustainable wealth. The key is in wielding one of twelve contemporary sources or power nodes of profit power. If companies can control any one then they are on the path towards higher returns.

Turning profit power into sustainable wealth requires new strategies for choosing and valuing investments, structuring and managing global enterprises, confronting competitive threats, and navigating markets which may increasingly display power law dynamics and where distributions may have “fat tails”.

Dr. Kuijper stressed on the importance of focussed ownership on profit and power relationships in this transparent economy which is continually transformed by the diminishing cost of information and connectivity. She sketched a detailed picture of the new competitive arena and gave audience a step-by-step approach to build exceptionally high-return enterprises and to utilize today’s shifting market dynamics to influence choice and build wealth.

Based on original research and illustrated with real life lessons from her considerable wealth of experience Dr.Kuijper enlightened the PGPX class on how companies build and exercise power nodes to command higher profits.

 About Mia De Kuijper

In her 20 plus years career, Dr. Mia de Kuijper has built and run companies herself, and she has guided CEOs, Boards and investors to high-return investments and strategies. She has held senior positions at Royal Dutch/Shell, PepsiCo (where as Head of Strategy and M&A she contributed to the development of Pepsi-Cola in India), AT&T, Boston and Morgan Stanley. She has worked extensively in Asia, Latin America, Europe and the U.S. Dr. de Kuijper is a Fellow of Cambridge University in England, Co-dean of the Duisenberg School of Finance in Amsterdam, and the CEO of strategy and M&A advisory firm de Kuijper Global Partners. Dr. de Kuijper serves on the Alumni Council of Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. She has received her Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard GSAS and an MPA from Harvard’s Kennedy School in a joint degree-program with the Harvard Business School.



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