Bhaag PGPX Bhaag – Preparation for the Mumbai Marathon

I still can’t believe I was able to complete the half marathon. Before coming to IIM Ahmedabad, I had never participated in any event to run even 5 KM.
When I came to IIM, I wanted to keep myself fit and so started a daily scheduling of jogging. But, I never jogged for more than two kilometers. Sometime in June, Runners Club was formed through the initiative of couple of our batch-mates. This provided an eco-system to develop our strength and stamina required for long distance running. We practiced as a group and continued to egg each other to improve our stamina.
In August, somebody .. not sure who..floated the idea that we should participate in Mumbai marathon. It looked like a stupid idea and a distant dream to me, but I signed up for it after seeing my friends go for it.  And now, with three months of practice, which was not very regular due to the crazy IIM schedules, I completed my first ever half marathon, Ahmedabad Sabarmati Marathon.
A week back I was suffering from a knee problem which did not allow me to run for more than 3 km continuously. I was very worried, that I might not be able to participate in the Mumbai marathon. But, then working in the gym regularly for the last seven days healed my knee.
The atmosphere in the Sabarmati marathon was eclectic. Drums beating. Music playing. Crowd cheering. Weather too was perfect. Organization of the event looked flawless with enough refreshments on the way.   And finally, a great company of friends(Dhananjay, Dindi, Sourabh, Rahul, Shivram, Pramod, Anil and Sreekanth). All these converged together to enable me finish my half marathon. Even today morning, I was just planning to run for 15 or so kms and get ourselves ready for the Mumbai marathon. The champs: Pramod, Dindi, Rahul and Sreekanth completed the run in about two hours!
Three cheers for the indomitable IIMA spirit.. hip hip hurray!!!

Courtesy: Suraj Gupta – PGPX6 Runners Club


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