PGPX VII begins its journey

Two months into the program and no Blog entry from the media committee?  A big No-No! So here we are, at 3 AM, with a ‘not-so-surprise’ quiz tomorrow and end terms breathing down our necks, sitting in TANSTAAFL, listening to the melodies of Kumar Sanu and writing our first blog entry. Something inside me questions this but come to think of it, is this not what we always wanted to do. Well, so much for the fun we are having, let’s see what rest of the batch has been up to lately

Lock stock and barrel, on 8th April, 85 seasoned professionals landed in Ahmedabad to embark on a new journey; about half of them with glasses, the other half with growing tummies… Something one would expect from a batch which has an average GMAT of 719 and an age of 34 years! But that hasn’t stopped the batch from the business as usual at WIMWI. Sample this:

–          Classes from 8:45 AM to 2:30 PM, surprise quizzes and tests till 4 PM and extra classes scheduled at 9 PM

–          Two teams of 10 battling each other out in a game of ultimate Frizbee

–          Fifty X’ers crammed into a 10 by 10 room to celebrate a birthday; not enough space to stand, but still enough to lift the guy and exercise our Tae-kwon-do skills!

–          Late night meets at the canteen with sleep deprived students racking their brains on the falling rupee, rising deficits and making demand-supply doodles on paper napkins

For a formal update, refer to the article published in ET


One Reply to “PGPX VII begins its journey”

  1. Hi – There are numbers that the average GMAT of batch is 717, but whats the GMAT range i.e whats the rough number on the minimum side with which you can have a chance – can any student help write a short post on it


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