Thou Shalt know who goes through it

For all those aspirants who visit pagalguy ten times a day hoping to decode  the mysteries surrounding an MBA, here are some insights from a fellow PGPX. Hope it enlightens you !

IIMA is the “land of the gods”! It is widely believed that in India IIMA is, as high as it gets, in terms of academic excellence. So, two months back, 85 of us packed our bags, and jumped onto the opportunity to pursue our MBA at this esteemed institution. 6 weeks into the program – and already, the experience has been wonderful! The faculty is exceptional, and the diversity and experience of the batch is extra-ordinary! So great, now how do I make my experience “even” better?!

I asked myself – “why am I here?” MBA = academics, is a very naïve response. On one hand, there is absolutely no question that I learn a tremendous amount every day from the lectures and class-room discussions. On the other hand, I have started to realize that the off-hand conversations that I’ve had with my syndicate group and the batch in general have been very valuable.

It’s worthwhile to ask the question – “what is an MBA?” One can argue that an MBA is meant to open your mind. To learn beyond theory, that is to say, to question why is a problem solved the way it is, or what is the underlying motive for a particular decision or even going beyond the problem to see the vast set of possible alternatives.

Most of us are toppers – quite honestly, we have mugged up our subjects in our previous lives and scored top grades. However, for the first time at IIMA PGPX, it’s different. The program provides an excellent platform to go beyond – the case based approach at IIMA helps in learning the “concepts”, and going outside conventional wisdom to find solutions!

And then there is life beyond the learning in classrooms. As a PGPX, I shall not contain myself to the classroom cases and reading materials. I want to know more, I want to know what I do not know – give me anything and I’ll grasp it with both hands! Hopefully before the end of this year, I shall learn from the diverse experiences of my batch, I shall gather innovative ideas from the brain-storming sessions within the various special interest  groups aka SIGs, and I’ll network with the PGPX alums to learn about the current challenges and experiences in the industry.

I guess every Monday morning, I shall ask myself: “am I doing what I came here to do?” If the answer is YES, then I shall feel blissful about being a PGPX 🙂

Pranab Agarwal (PGPX VII)


Stairway to heaven …


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