Frisbee @ 11 PM


PGPX Frisbee Team in action

With the rain Gods finally opening their hearts out to the city of Ahmedabad, sitting in my syndi room at midnight, after an amazing game of Ultimate Frisbee @11 PM in the IIMA campus lawns, I cannot help but wonder that life cannot be better than this.

Ultimate Frisbee has become an integral part of the culture at IIMA. Come what may, be it a quiz of SCM tomorrow or FM the day after, Frisbee has to be played. Today was a special day with a light drizzle falling from the sky, 14 PGPX dudes with their not-so-young bodies but very-young hearts, battled it out with a small disc in their hands. As my friend Yateesh puts it, “Dont know how many grades I’ll remember at the end of our course, but this is surely a night I’ll remember.”

IIMA is truly a place where academics and extra-curricular go hand in hand together. The academic pressure here is huge, with 9 subjects to be covered in a span of 2 months, quizzes happening more frequently than monsoon rain, life can be really tough. But as said by someone, which is truly applicable on an IIMA student, “when the going gets tough, then the tough gets going”. We still find time to play our Frisbee games, to enjoy our birthdays, to discuss the hot economic topics in the corridor and to write a blog in the midnight 🙂 . It is this spirit of mental toughness developed here which prepares every student to handle the pressure which comes in the corporate world in future and allows them to balance their work and life perfectly.

Well, guys, time to go…have to prepare for the SCM quiz tomorrow…enjoy everyone.

Aditya Bansal, PGPX7, IIMA



2 Replies to “Frisbee @ 11 PM”

  1. We do play with PGPs at LKP.. Recently we also participated in a tournament sporting a joint team from IIMA of PGP and PGPX…stood 3rd there.

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