Speaker Series – Prashant Sharma

PGPX VII kick started its Speaker Series program few weeks ago with a talk from Mr. Prashant Sharma, Senior Vice President, Global Demand – Supply Organization & Global IT at Zydus Cadila. Prashant has around two decades of experience in Global Procurement and Supply Chain Management and has held leadership positions in several dimensions of Supply Chain such as Global Procurement, Demand Fulfilment, Planning, Domestic and International Distribution, Warehousing & Indirect Taxation.

Prashant talked about how, over the years, supply chain has assumed a very integrative function, evolving a lot from its pure material management avatar, to becoming a focal point within an organization. With about 27000 SKUs, managing the supply chain for Zydus Cadila is truly a complicated proposition. With various forecasting challenges due to variety of factors such as seasonal variations and unpredictable occurrences of common diseases, ensuring availability and preventing stock outs is so much more challenging. Unlike an US or a Japan, India does not have systems to capture the demand at the retail outlets and consequently has her own methods of inventory management which are a hybrid of push based and pull based rather than a completely pull based system. On a lighter note he talked about how, inspired by the Japanese J.I.T (Just In Time) system, India has developed its own operations management systems – S.H.I.T (Some How in Time) and J.A.T (Just After Time) akin to the much famed Indian Police in Bollywood Cinema which arrives at the crime scene either just after time or somehow in time.

Prashant also highlighted how IT systems are helping in collaborating and obtaining the sales data so that the demand forecasts could be improved.

Finally, the audience was actively engaged in designing a new age supermarket for FMCG retail business based on the concepts derived from Operations Management. All in all, Prashant captivated the audience for the whole two hours and it was stimulating to understand the subtleties of managing a pharma supply chain with all its complexities.


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