Precious little thing called Time

Last week, I met a PGPX alum. He was most curious to know if we were holding up fine against the exhaustive pressure of the course. So, I thought I’ll write a blog. This post is dedicated to all our alum friends who have with-stood the grueling terms at IIMA, and now, are getting ready to chuckle as they read this further..


I generally set my alarm at 8:14 am for the morning half and 2:24 pm for afternoon classes: note the precision on minutes – every minute as it turns out, is sooper precious! Power knaps between the lectures are common. Not to mention, that a few of us are also guilty of sleeping during the lectures! Coffee and tea are our brave saviors – judging by the line in front of the coffee machines, Sarovar is definitely raking moolah. Black coffee: no that is not enough – I have seen classmates top it up further with one or two additional sachets of coffee!


Let’s pick a day – my syndicate sent out our submission at 3:30 am, then came home to catch up some sleep.  On the way, numerous syndicates were still seen working. Poor chaps, they will sit through the nite 😉 To put it more realistically, I guess we were just lucky tonite! Wake up at 8:14 am, do the power stuff in the bathroom… and then RUSH! Classes till 4 pm. Ah, but wait, email at 3:50 pm -> surprise quiz! Get done with the quiz at 5. Now what – it’s time for Frisbee! Well, for some it’s Frisbee, for the others, maybe an hour of blissful sleep. 6 pm – slog slog slog, there is an exam coming up in two days + 3 cases and maybe around 100 pages of reading for the next day. And before we know it  – it’s 9:23 pm! Gobble down whatever u can get your hands on – and then rush to the syndicate meet at 9:30. On an average day, we would be working on 2 submissions; maybe, on a lucky day, there will be just one. Brain-storm, throw things at each other, fight, fight – till finally, we all agree on key points and then start writing. It’s about 1 am – and so, if you are quick, we’ll hopefully manage to get some sleep. Life @ PGPX 🙂


But, that’s just the “boring” part; now let’s talk excitement: the precept of our batch – “play hard, work harder”. Sleep – that is a notion that was lost on the first day! We are here to live – and we are living it to the fullest! Check this out: 1st in fashion show and mock rock @ T-Nite, top position in the literary debate, top 3 finish in TT tournament, tops in Abacus nut-cracker, much involvement with CIIE and FII projects, and soo much more…! PGPX is rocking IIMA; and we’re making heads turn as we passes by 😉 re-defining MAXIMUM at IIMA! Birthday parties every other day, rasna on campus every other weekend, poker, poker and poker, lots of frisbee and tons of fun. The rowdy Xers are killing it at IIMA!


So much to do.. so much to learn, the only sad part is that we’re already half way through – makes me sad to say that we’ve only 6 more months to live it up as a PGPX!  – Pranab Agarwal, PGPX VII



One Reply to “Precious little thing called Time”

  1. Good to hear the current batch is finding time (..or not..) to enjoy both the stress and de-stressing. Have fun while there – you’ll miss it once you’re out. And that’s just distressing.

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