PGPX Batch Gets a Surprise Gift


Imagine walking back from the Syndi room at midnight, deep in thought about whether you accurately valued a potential $13b acquisition and you run into batch-mate who suggests a round of pool to unwind!  That’s no longer a figment of imagination, it’s a reality now: we have our own pool table in Dorm 27.

Just like all such revolutionary events, there is an intriguing story behind this development. A story of single minded pursuit amidst jeering non-believers.  The saga began in term 1, when Mannu Sir (Srikanth Mannem, pictured above) woke up from a nightmare in which he was playing pool with the Modelling for Decisions professor (amongst others) and was getting handily beaten.  At that very moment, he began the quest to get a pool table for batch, on our home turf – in the dorm.

The first step (yes, you got it) was to create a Google spreadsheet to solicit support and contributions from the batch.  There were a few enthusiastic ones, a handful of disinterested folks, a lot of amused souls and a bunch of batch-mates whose names mysteriously showed up on the list of contributors (facilitated largely by Mannu Sir, of course.)   In any case, it was soon established that a critical mass of interested PGPX’ers existed to support the initiative.

Subsequently, there was a lull of sorts and when quizzed about the progress of the pool table project, Mannu Sir was reticent and if I may say so, a little bashful.  His terse replies summed up the progress: “ … aa raha hai …”, “ … quotes mil gaya …”, “ … aa raha hai …”, “… office mein baat kar raha hoon …”, “ … institute will pay 50% …”, “ … aa raha hai …”, “ … arrey! institute is going through procurement process …”, “ … aa raha hai …”, “ … sanction ho gaya, institute will pay 100% …”  Mannu Sir was in good spirits.

Finally, the pool table was installed with a bonus: an inauguration event was held with chai, samosas and sweets.   The CAO and PGPX chair graced the occasion and formally dedicated the pool table to PGPX community.   Thanks to efforts of PGPX and Dean’s office, Mannu Sir’s dream became a reality.  When Edward Eggleston said “Persistent people begin their success where others end in failure,” he was probably referring to the likes of Mannu Sir.

– Subhonil Ghoshal, PGPX VII


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